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About AfterWord

What would you say if you could say something to your loved ones after your death? Or if you could pass a special request on to a friend? What if you could deliver this message to them days, months or years after your passing?

AfterWord is a tool for doing just that.

It's a secure and reliable way to prepare posthumous messages - as many as you want, updatable throughout your life, no matter how long that happens to be.

Since death is the only truly certain thing in life, we think it can be something to consider rationally. At the least, we should be able to think about the effect our death is likely to have on other people in our lives, whenever it happens to occur. Can we lessen the chaos and suffering that our departure, sudden or otherwise, will leave behind? AfterWord was created to let you do just that, simply, securely and inexpensively.

AfterWord is for anyone who has something they'd like someone to know after they are gone. It's for the young, the elderly, the healthy, the dying, the serious, the carefree, storytellers, collectors... everyone has something worth sharing.

AfterWord was developed by professionals with deep experience in online solutions, marketing and life in general. We've kept it simple and focused on the core purpose. We think we've made it easy for everyone to use and benefit from, and we are dedicated to keeping your data secure and private for the duration of your life. And may it be a long and happy one.

AfterWord is owned by Mortal Portal LLC, a US corporation registered in Delaware in 2011.